Art & culture tour


Kigali Art museum

Formerly the Presidential Palace Museum, this new museum displays contemporary artworks from Rwanda as well as abroad. The museum seeks to provide an insight into the originality of Rwandan creativity. Exploring the development of art from olden times to the modern day, it considers how traditional and modern imaginations can blend and fuse. The flight debris from the presidential jet that went down on 6th April 1994 remains in situ in the garden and this will remain a heritage site.

Nyamirambo Women Centre

Embark on an extraordinary walking tour, commencing at the Women’s Center with a tantalizing traditional snack and quick Kinyarwanda lesson. Navigate Nyamirambo, one of

Kigali’s oldest neighborhoods, guided through a women’s hair salon, a family compound for cassava leaf pounding, two mosques, and a scenic lookout. Immerse yourself in a tailor shop, feeling fabrics soon to grace the streets. The journey concludes with a traditional lunch in the home of Aminatha, the Center’s esteemed cook. Beyond a tour, it’s an immersive odyssey through culture and culinary delights, leaving indelible memories of Kigali’s vibrant tapestry.                              Kimironko Market