Kigali Exploration & Views Tour


CBD car-free zone

CBD car-free zone (Kigali’s Imbuga City Walk): The car-free movement has gained momentum in many cities around the world, especially in a world post-COVID. During the first few months of the pandemic, empty streets contributed to a rethinking of cities and urban life. This further inspired a deeper reflection of the long-existing concern that cities tend to merely marginally expand their public open spaces despite the overwhelming expansion of the built environment.

Nyamirambo car – free zone

Visitors from different economic levels are drawn to the common space, which makes everybody feel welcome. Families are using the space, especially on the weekends, and considering the absence of vehicular traffic, various differently-abled people use it as a safe space.

Rebero view

Mount Rebero offers panoramic views of Kigali and its surroundings, providing a breathtaking vantage point to appreciate the city’s landscape and the picturesque hills that characterize Rwanda.